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The timing of my Peugeot 308 cc 2010 was torn

The timing chain of my Peugeot 308 cc 2010 THP (ep6) was torn, after replacing the parts and repairing the car there was another problem. Now the car is antipollution faile error, it is very weak at ...
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Trouble shooting abs/esp light on Peugeot 308

I have just replaced the rear discs on a Peugeot 308 hatchback, 2010 model. After this, the abs and esp fault warnings were displayed on the console, and abs/esp lights came on. Plugging in an OBD ...
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My replacement ignition key doesn't work the doors on my Peugot 308

I had my keys replaced for a Peugot 308, one with a remote and one as a manual key after I lost the original. Both keys work as ignition keys and the remote fob locks as it should but neither key will ...
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Engine Rattle-like sound and power loss

My Peugeot 308 2009 1.6 Petrol has just developed a funny sound in the engine, its like there is misfire or cold start and car is now lost power mainly when going uphill. the sound is like its a ...
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