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1 answer

Peugeot 206 crashed repairing

Recently I've crashed my peugeot 206 and because of my financial issues , I can't repair it right now . The car moves fine and there isn't any engine issues only the front is damaged and pushed ...
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Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI rough idling and delay to turn off after diesel filter replacement

I own a Peugeot 206 (2008) with a 2.0 hdi engine (I believe the engine code is DW10TD) with a Siemens fuel system. After changing the fuel filter, I turned it on and found it was idling a bit rough. ...
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1 answer

ESP error after installing a rearview camera

I'm really not a mechanics specialist (I've only trained as an electrician so I have the basics about electric things), so I hope my question won't sound too "weird". So, I tried to install ...
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What are those parts in peugeot 206 car?

I want to know that what are those parts in peugeot 206 car ?
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Peugeot 206 Squeaky Horn

I'm fairly new to cars and have only been driving for a few months. I had to use my horn recently and realised it sounded like a dying goose. It is making a noise, but it's fairly quiet and sounds ...
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Peugeot 206 2002 16valve twin Cam will not idle. What controls the idle. It doesn't appear to have a stepper motor Help

It is a two door coupe and it will not idle i don't understand why. It doesn't appear to have a stepper motor that i can see
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3 votes
2 answers

My car doesn't start and my mechanic can't figure what the issue is

I do apologize for the non much descriptive title, I'll try to work out a better title. Yesterday my car all of a sudden stopped starting (namely I turned the key, the engine cranks that my car doesn'...
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1 answer

The key fob will unlock, but not lock the car doors

I have a Peugeot 206 manual model 2004. I have a problem with my remote key. I can open my car, but can't lock the door once I press the unlock. I heard a sound click for unlock and directly return, ...
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0 answers

2000 Peugeot 206 compatible door lock barrels

My cars door locks bacame seized due to unusage and I need new ones. My friend who has tons of spare car carts does not have locks for this specific model but has for Citroen Ax, Saxo and Peugeot 106. ...
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Is it bad to always kick start my car as I always park it on a slope

I currently park on a slope everyday at night and in the morning I just let it roll a bit and start it by putting it into the second gear. I started doing this when I had a weak battery. And now even ...
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