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Is it possible to carry four bicycles on a 1 1/4" hitch?

Car hitches come in 1 1/4" hitch and 2" hitch sizes. The former is dubbed (in North America, at least) either class-1 or class-2, and the latter is dubbed class-3. Class 4, 5, and 6 also ...
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How much can a van be overloaded?

I see that a specific Ducato can load up to 1400-1500 kg to reach the maximum allowed gross weight of 3500 kg. I guess that's a limitation imposed by the law (a special license is needed above 3500 ...
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Razor Dirt Quad kids ATV payload limit [closed]

What is the maximum "payload" (read: the weight the atv can carry besides itself) of the Razor Dirt Quad kids ATV? The specs say product weight is 89 lbs and something called "Max" is 120 lbs. The ...
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Load on bed of pickup for extended period of time

I just got a Toyota Tacoma 2012 Sport long bed. I'm an artist and I make driftwood horse sculptures. I have two horses on the bed of the truck currently which comes to about 500 lbs. I intend to ...
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