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Questions tagged [paint-scratches]

Scatches in a cars protective paint layer on the outside of the vehicle.

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PDR glue removal taking flecks of paint with it. Any way to avoid?

I've got a 34 year old car. I bought a PDR kit to remove some minor dents. It's working but removing the glue is taking a few flecks of paint with it. Is this to do with the age of the car? Or is ...
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Fixing Scratched Car Door

My girlfriend parked her car and scratched. So we have a bunch of scratches on the right rear. Pictures attached. It's a company car, she's very stressed out, pregnant and working too much and doesn't ...
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Clear Coat too thin

Painted car hood. Applied Clearcoat from a spray can. The clear coat was applied too thin, not applied wet. Can I apply more clear coat? Do I need to sand? The last application of clear was two weeks ...
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Scratches on wheel

I have a leased car for work and the wheel got scratched against the curb. Is there a way to get these scratches out of the wheel? I am quite worried. Thank you for your help! Kaitlin
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Goof off or WD 40 to remove paint transfer on car bumper?

Some idiot rubbed against my bumper in parking and it appears that there is a paint transfer on my bumper. I have read certain threads on how to remove such transfers. Some people recommend Goof Off, ...
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How to make touch up paint less visible on gray car?

I used to have a red car and whenever I had small scratches, I could paint over it and it would be nearly invisible. Now I've got a gray car and when I paint over a scratch it's much more visible ...
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Repairing bumper scratch

I have scratches on both sides of my bumper. They are invisible while standing. Thus, they don't need to be perfect. Can I fix it myself?
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Why does the car drying towel I bought have a rough side and a soft side, can both sides be used for drying the car?

I bought this drying towel: but I find that it has a soft side that can be used to dry the car body, but it ...
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