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Scatches in a cars protective paint layer on the outside of the vehicle.

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How can I get rid of door dings?

Wife parks too close to my white car. Would love to get rid of these door dings as her car is only 3 years old.
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Where can I find my car's colour code?

I'm currently shopping around for a touch-up pen to repair some very light scratches on my car. I've found out that our local hardware automotive store can mix the exact colour for any vehicle. ...
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Can cats leave scratch marks on cars?

I live in an apartment complex with some stray cats. I have multiple sets of scratch marks on the side doors of my car. I am unsure if these are from cats or from someone keying my car. Is it possible ...
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Cheap way to fix peeling clear coat?

The coat on my car is peeling away something like as shown in following picture which I just pulled up from google as an example: This is my first car and I have never done any car work myself before,...
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Paint light scratches repair

Hi I own Renault Megane Mk3 for while and car's paint is almost full with small scratches due to hard cleaning( car was cleaned by a hard surface ), I know its stupid thing to make but it wasn't my ...
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Why should I clean bug and bird debris off my car?

I have a relatively new car with nice clean paint. I've read and been told that cleaning bugs and bird debris off of my car quickly is important because it can damage the paint. Do I really need to ...
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What would be the best and cheapest way to fix these dents and scratches?

I have a 2012 VW Jetta. The other day I was pulling into my garage and hit the side of the car. There are several dents and paint scratches. What would be the cheapest and easiest way to get this ...
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Paint is cracking and showing lines, like dried mud

4 years ago, after repainting my 1980 Chrysler LeBaron, I'm seeing many lines appear in the paint. These lines appear all over, but especially around corners, and much more on flat, upright facing ...
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100 Scratches, easy fix?

My girlfriend parked her car (metalic blue Golf V) and took a piece of the solid pillar. So we have a bunch scratches on the left rear. It's about 100 tiny scratches, some are big, others smaler. Some ...
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How best to repair numerous small chips and scratches that are starting to rust?

I've bought a 20yo car that is in generally good condition but for a few chips and scratches along the front (I'm guessing where rocks and gravel have been flicked up over the years). Most of them are ...
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How to do an amateur repair of a tiny ding on my almost new car?

I recently bought an almost new car, a dealer demo with 5,500 miles on it. It was pristine when I got it. However, the car being unfamiliar to me, I lightly made contact with a bench at the edge of ...
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Fixing small scratches on the body paint

My Ford Focus seems to attract scratches quite badly, and it got to the point that I would like to try and fix them. All of them are rather small, resulting from parking in bushes, careless opening of ...
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How to fix a door scratch?

Got a Black, Crystal Black Pearl, Crosstour. Just last night, I reckleslly backed into the parking lot, and front right door was scratched by the short stone wall adjacent to the spot. I'm not cheap, ...
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