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Fault code for Crankshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Intermittent

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Misfire on Cyl 2 & 3, but doesn't (exactly) match TSB

2009 Honda Accord I found a TSB on a similar issue: TSB 09-050 My car exhibits the same symptoms others have had relating to the TSB, EXCEPT I only have the misfire codes: DTCsP0302 and P0303, but I'...
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Volvo S40 Starts but won't stay running more than minute. P0339 code

I have a 2004 Volvo S40 that when starts it'll stall. It'll run for a minute or less before acting like it's starved for air. Get the codes P0339 which is a crank position sensor. I have replaced ...
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2009 Honda Accord 2.4l P0300 P0302 P0303 P0339

This one came in today with a check engine light on and a complaint of running rough and won't accelerate past 30MPH. Checked the codes. Some misfire freeze frame. Reset and went for a test drive. ...
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