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P0172 - System too rich

I have a P0172 on my 2011 L4 Camry. Summary of what I did: I saw the light on, and once I saw the code, I checked the air filter. It was filthy disgusting and completely disintegrated (rat/rodent ...
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BMW M140i showing P0172

Details of the car: BMW M140i (F20) B58 engine - 3.0L petrol, inline 6, turbocharged Year of manufacturer: 2016 Mileage: ~13000 miles (3000 of which are mine) The majority of my use is short trips (&...
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p0140 and p0172

I have a 2005 Elantra (205K miles). I replaced the second o2 sensor (downstream; after cat), added a defouler to second o2, replaced cylinder # 2 injector, air filter, tune-up. If the car is at idle ...
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High CO Emissions

My Yaris is due for an MOT this month. The last MOT report says that CO is right on the limit, everything else is normal HC, Lambda etc., as shown below. The CO has been creeping up every year, and ...
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Volvo S40 2007 - P0172 system too rich

So I've got the P0172 code on my Volvo S40 2007 2.4L gasoline (5 cylinder). The car runs absolutely fine: no unusual noises, fuel consumption is fine (terrible but that's usual), power is also fine (...
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P0172 System Too Rich, while fuel consumption is too low

I got this error on my Skoda Fabia 2006 1.2 Bensin 3 cylinder (engine code BME), the car is shaky on idle like it is missing a cylinder, acceleration is non-linear, and fuel consumption is low at 5L/...
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How to Fix Check Engine Light (OBDII code: P0172)

I just saw the check engine light come on on my 2004 VW Passat B5.5 and did a bit of research. Some people said that it would be a faulty oxygen sensor. I was about to order one, but then I read this (...
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1998 V6 Mustang -20+ LTFT on both banks

I just finished doing a bunch of work on my Mustang (replaced all gaskets down to head gaskets on engine, had the heads milled and a valve job done, replaced all the fuel injectors, new fuel injector, ...
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