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Code P0171 - System Too Lean. This code indicates an oxygen sensor has detected too much oxygen in the exhaust. Part of the P01xx - `Fuel and Air Metering` family of codes.

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Are widebands known to go lazy over time?

I know narrowbands can go lazy with time, but what about widebands? This is a sequel to the cold-start misfire mystery. It turns out that we were looking at the wrong PID's for the front O2 sensor ...
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2001 Hyundai Sonata System too lean

I own a 2001 Hyundai Sonata. Check engine light is on, and I'm getting an error code P0171, Bank 1 System too lean. I figured I'd start eliminating problems, so when I ran an ODB check, what I got was ...
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Diagnosing P0171 2007 Toyota Corolla

First time poster trying to get into cars. So my 2007 Toyota Corolla (with around 89k miles) has a Check engine light that reads error code P0171 (System too lean Bank 1). I was looking that up and ...
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