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Cannot reset oil life meter

2010 Honda Accord crosstour - I'm trying to reset my oil life percentage back to %100, and I know you're suppose to hold down the button til the numbers start flashing, but what if the numbers are ...
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Can you use the same long life premium oil filter for 2 or 3 times?

I have a 03 Mazda b3000 and bought a mobile 1 oil filter with a advertised life of 15k - 20k mi. I figured that this filter being made of better materials, would keep my engine more protected and also ...
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My 2017 Chevy Cruze is reading 76% oil life. Is this bad?

I can’t open my hood to check the oil, but it’s reading 76% oil life. Is this bad until I get to a mechanic?
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2014 Honda Accord: Low Tire Pressure light still on & oil life still showing 40% after recent tire repair & oil change

I just took my 2014 Honda Accord in for a tire repair and oil change on Wednesday, and as of today my low tire pressure light is still on and my Oil Life monitor still shows 40%. It's like they didn't ...
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Low engine temp & slow oil life monitor - Thermostat?

2005 Acura RL I noticed my oil life monitor was going incredibly slow, then also noticed the engine temp gauge seemed lower than it normally is. I monitored the ODB-II when driving and it's running ...
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Oil light comes on and off when oil life is 90%

I have a Honda Civic 2013. I recently had the oil & filter change. Everything was fine for a week until recently the car has started giving irregular "check engine oil" lights. The light comes on ...
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Honda 2016 2.0 litre engine - oil life indicator

I have a 2016 Honda Civic, 2.0 litre engine. Since last oil change, I drove 1,600 k. The oil life indicator has dropped to 30% after I drove 1,600 k. I had it looked at and the oil was changed ...
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