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How do I check the correct oil level in 2016 Equinox 3.6L V6?

I have synthetic Dexos1 and check every few months in the morning before I start the car for the first time but it is a struggle because I do not understand the manual's description. The manual says &...
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Dipstick reading little to no oil

I took my car to Midas to get a oil leak inspected and a diagnosis and was told I had several leaks so they said that the main leak was coming from the main valve cover so they change that out. I took ...
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I have a Gardner Denver RBS 145/LHBD Blower, Compatible oil level sensor?

We have a Gardner Denver RBS 145/LHBD blower which shut off due to a low oil level. The sight glass for the oil level is in an inconvenient spot that also is potentially hazardous to get to while the ...
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yellow oil pressure warning light gone off without doing nothing but then I ran 1000km and found low oil level

some weeks ago I saw a yellow oil pressure warning symbol and I move the dipstick up and down then it gone off. As I am not a Car guy I didn't check the oil level because I don't know how much it ...
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Oil Level In Dipstick After 600 Km journey. Normal oil level change or not?

I have recently bought a used 2004 Toyota Camry Altise with 180,000 miles on it. Mechanically sound and no oil leaks at all. I have recently completed a 600 km journey today and have noted down my ...
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Oil light comes on and off when oil life is 90%

I have a Honda Civic 2013. I recently had the oil & filter change. Everything was fine for a week until recently the car has started giving irregular "check engine oil" lights. The light comes on ...
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Does continuous slight 5% overfill of oil have bad effects?

I have a 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid with 2.5 liter engine that takes 4.4 liters of oil (with filter; without filter it's 4.0 liters). The difference between "low" and "full" oil level is 1.5 liters, so ...
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2009 Mini JCW low oil does this cause carbon build up?

End of Nov 2018 I took the Mini for tire rotation and told the garage I was taking a road trip and to check all fluid levels including the oil. When I picked it up they confirmed this was done. The ...
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How do I know when I'm low on oil or need to do an oil change

I own a 06' nissan maxima and I am planning to driving from Missouri to texas and don't know if I should get a oil change. When I check the dipstick, I pull it out and wipe it off, then put it back ...
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Checking the oil

I have a 2008 Buick lacrosse I'm pretty sure you're suppose to check the engine oil after the car has been sitting for at least 5 minutes with the engine off. But now I'm questioning this because I ...
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