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An acronym; On Board Diagnostics.

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OBD or CAN - what's mandatory (EU and US)

First of all, I've already tried to do my research and tried to get all the info I'm asking for myself (which obviously didn't work). I want to know if CAN or OBD(-II) are in fact mandatory in the US ...
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Reading OBD Data from the Old Honda 2+3 Pin DLC

I've got a 2000 Honda Civic iSR with the old 2+3 pin Honda DLC which I'd like to read ECU data from. According to the Evoscan website the pinout for the 3 pin dlc is ISO 9141 K-Line, B+ and ground ...
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Honda Civic 2002 strange OBDII pinout

I have some trouble understanding the pinout of my OBDII plug. It appears that it has both grounds, K-Line, 12V and CAN Bus low (according to standard obdII plug). Therefore it does not have even one ...
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Do OBD2 Hud Head Up Displays use battery when engine is off?

I am buying an OBD2 Head Up Display. It has a screen where it shows readings etc. Manufacturer claims the item turns off when the engine is off too, and this is true from the videos I have watched. It ...
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