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Drive Shaft Threads Shredded Possible To Still Use It?

Just went ahead to change my transverse link/control arm, the drive shaft was stuck assuming from rust and I couldn't get it free, hammered it with the nut on and nothing, then with the nut off and it ...
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How to open a 7/8" bolt/nut?

I am trying to open a 7/8" bolt/nut from a car strut but it didn't work with my midsize(about 12" long) Dewalt breaker barand I was affraid it would break with more pressure. I tried to find ...
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07 Camry front wheel bearing damage so quickly

I have replaced the the right front wheel cv joint with after market one made by a Taiwanese spare part manufacturer. When the mechanic install the cv joint in the rod, after 3 or 5 days, sound of the ...
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How to unscrew a stuck screw from a U-style spring nut?

I have a rusting screw secured with a U-style spring nut in a very tight and difficult place. The screw secures one of the fog light assemblies to the bottom of my Forester's bumper. Here's front and ...
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What are these square shrouds over these towbar nuts?

I want to remove the towbar from the van I've just bought to increase ground clearance. Done one side, and then discovered these on the other side. Not attempted to do anything with them yet - what's ...
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How should I remove this corroded nut without rounding it?

I have a 1982 Porsche 911 and need to remove the heat exchanger on one side. It's held on with three 13mm nuts and 3 barrel nuts. The barrel nuts were no problem, but two of the 13mm nuts are so ...
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Can I use a nut with slightly different dimensions?

It's a locking nut I need for the outermost wishbone suspension joint. The nut I need is M12, pitch 1.5mm, thickness 16mm, spanner 18mm, quality/grade 10. I have one ordered but it may take some time ...
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need to remove a broken lug nut: thinking die grinder?

I'm stuck on trying to remove a lug nut. Tried drilling it, wondering what to try next. Could a die grinder help me finish the job? -Not my best work here. Destroyed the lock adapter, trying to get ...
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Protecting/preventing brake lines' nut seizing by corrosion: paint? Grease?

We all know old cars, or those in harsh nature conditions often suffer of having seized nuts by corrosion in the brake lines to calipers and cylinders, and even in the master cylinder. As I live in an ...
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Cotter pin question

When you're tightening a nut that uses a cotter pin, do you only tighten enough so the pin can slide in or can you tighten further as well? I drew a picture to illustrate what I'm asking. Is the ...
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How to deal with this type of nut

My wheel bearings are due, and I ordered a new set. Up to now, I thought I have regular nuts on my hubs which are secured by some kind of sleeve, which in turn is dented into the axial groove of the ...
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Modify transaxle tip to have splines instead of key slot

The car I'm rebuilding, an old Skoda Estelle with rear mounted engine, have transmissions axles that uses a key to secure the wheel hub. Its tip is conical, as the hub whole. The problem is that it ...
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Reusing self locking nuts

I am in the progress of doing some work on the suspension. Can I reuse the nuts on the bolts holding critical parts (struts, tie rod, etc.) if I clean the threads and apply thread locker? My aim with ...
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Trouble installing new bolts into rusted welded nuts

I've got a 2007 Pontiac Torrent that I (mostly) installed a hitch on. The hitch mounts to 8 points. 6 points are existing welded in nuts. 4 of these welded nuts are causing me trouble. They've rusted ...
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Is this the correct brake union for my cylinder?

I'm replacing the rear brake cylinder on my 2004 Hyundai Getz 1.3. Although the cylinder comes with the bleeder nut, it doesn't come with the union nut that is used to connect the brake hose to the ...
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Cant Remove Nut on Clutch

I have a 2006 Honda crf150F. I need to get to the components of my shifter to adjust something, but I need to remove the entire clutch housing to get to it. Here is a drawing of the clutch assembly: ...
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Seized nut & bolt - difficult to access

Last year I added crash sliders to my aging Honda CBR 600F (1998) Recently whilst trying to remove the fairing for other work, I found the nut and bolt were "seized". Actually, by using a spanner at ...
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Nuts for 2008 VW Jetta SE 2.5L battery terminal bolts: 1/4" or M6? [closed]

I want to use an external charger to charge the battery in my US-market 2008 Jetta 2.5L SE with an OEM battery. I need to figure out which nuts to get to fit the existing battery terminal bolt, in ...
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How to undo transmission nuts

I have an ~1986 Yamaha Ag 200 and I've been pulling it apart as a bit of a hobby to understand a bit more about how it works and hopefully in the end get it going. I've opened it up so some gears ...
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Determining the size/pitch of bolts and nuts before taking things apart

I'm a shade tree mechanic with an old car that's got a fair amount of rust on various fasteners (particularly in the under-regions). When I'm doing maintenance, I often like -- or find the need to -- ...
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Aligning a castle nut with a torque spec to a cotter pin hole

The nuts at the knuckle on my outer tie rod ends are castle nuts, which are locked by cotter pins fed through holes in the studs. The nuts also have a torque spec (27.0±2.5 N∙m, in this case). If I ...
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