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2013 Ninja 1000 Stuttering only in 2nd Gear

My 2013 Ninja 1000 is stuttering when given heavy throttle input, but only in second gear. The bike also had trouble priming the pump when turning on, so I thought these were related. I got an opinion ...
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Can this damage my motorcycle?

So when I brake, I first hold the clutch to take the power away and then I start braking. The problem is when I try to accelerate again, it takes about 5 seconds for the motorcycle to start moving ...
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Motorcycle lost all acceleration on highway and now has no power to go into gear. Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS

This is the second time something similar like this has happened. The last time, I was in 2nd gear taking off and the bike just wouldn't accelerate further. After stopping the bike, throttling the ...
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Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS 2013 not starting troubleshooting (lights off and clicking noise, starter won't turn)

I would like to ask for your help diagnosing my bike's starting issue. Long story short: the starter won't turn, but once I manage to push-start the bike, the bike runs perfectly. The starter ...
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High coolant pressure on 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 650 hot day

I live in Las Vegas, the other day on the way home from work it was about 100 degrees out. I got on the freeway and there was a big traffic jam. I spent between 20-30 minutes mostly idling and just ...
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Need Help Diagnosing and Fixing my Kawasaki Ninja

First time poster here. I have a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - this is a bit of a story and I try and keep it short. A couple weeks ago my bike was having trouble - when I would rev the engine in low ...
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1995 600r ninja boggs out during 4th -5th gear WOT between 8-10,000rpm

in 4th and 5th gear Wide Open Throttle the bike bogs out between 8-10 thousand rpm. I roll off the throttle...then slowly roll it back on to get through the flat spot. If i ring the gears out WOT it ...
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2004 Kawasaki Ninja EX250. Power Issues

I was riding and my bike turned off at random and no car jump will jump it. I turn the key and there is no power at all. I have a fuse checker from my truck and I get no light on any of my fuses. When ...
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2002 kawasaki zx6r stutters

My 2002 Kawasaki stutters below 4000 rpm when in neutral while giving it throttle it also does the same thing while in gear but if I raise the rpm just before take off it shoots out the hole with no ...
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Ninja 300 camshaft failure, possible causes?

Back from this post We opened the engine today to do some maintenance and we found the end of the camshaft was damaged, we already have a new one in order but we would like to hear your opinions on ...
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Missing part on '87 Ninja 600R

I bought an '87 Ninja 600R (ZX600b) and can't figure out whats missing that goes in or over this hole. Is it missing a plug, a hose, or something else? Is it important?
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