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Car Identification - MPV with at least second row of seats reversible - UK/EU only

I know this is not, really, the question for this site, but I'm out of ideas. Every search on Google ends me up on a website about baby carseats (not the same, obviously, but the trend is there) or on,...
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Engine knock when engine is hot

I have an 05 Mazda MPV V6 engine. When it starts up there is no noise and everything is fine. After engine is hot I get a knocking sound and the oil pressure light comes on. By looking at earlier post ...
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Can I replace just one valve cover gasket?

I have an 04 Mazda 3 liter in which the front valve cover is leaking oil. I know I'm supposed to replace both gaskets at once, but the back one is pretty hard to get to. This van has pretty high miles ...
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Why is my van overheating only at high speeds and cools down if heat is cranked up?

I have a 2004 Mazda mpv. I was rear ended over the summer and all of a sudden it started over heating. ( I had just purchased two months prior) I put it in the shop and was told it was air in the ...
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