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Questions tagged [mot]

Questions are about the MOT (Ministry of Transport) vehicle roadworthiness test that is required to be taken annually for vehicles generally over three years old in the United Kingdom.

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4 answers

MOT work (is this vehicle in need of welding?)

I really need to find a cheap van. I don't intend to do many miles per year but it will need to be road-legal. I found a van near me and it is cheap enough, but it failed the MOT on the things in ...
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Incorrect Odometer due to New Instrument Cluster - MOT Impact

So I've seen these two questions that are related but don't answer my core worry: Incorrect odometer reading after replacing instrument cluster? Used odometer supposedly showing incorrect reading I'...
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Is a missing middle seat belt better than a damaged one?

Looking at the MOT guidance regarding seat belts a "significantly stretched or weakened" rear middle seat belt would be a dangerous defect: Defect 7.1.2(b)(ii) "webbing or flexible ...
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Brake disc looks to be damaged, should this have passed MOT?

I have recently purchased a VW tiguan 2015/2016 2.0 tdi had it less than a week. had a screw in the rear tyre, went to have tyre repaired, while the wheel was off I looked at the brake disc and it ...
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BMW 1 series f40 wing mirror indicator failure

really need some help with this as we’re £1000 down & still not fixed ! 2020 f40 1 series BMW Failed the mot as the driver side wing mirror glass smashed & indicator was not working, front &...
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Wheel Came Off 3.5T Horse Box While Driving - Most Likely Cause?

About 4 months ago I had my Horsebox MOT’d and had brand new tyres on every wheel. Last week while driving down the dual carriageway/highway, we heard a loud bang, I tried to brake but had no brakes, ...
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Brakes failed MOT

I've just had my mot back from an expensive garage. He phoned and said its failed due to unbalanced brakes across an axle. In the advisories they are all on there ... pads and disks? My DOT 4 bottle ...
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