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Clicking when I brake..?

I've been having an issue where when I brake I notice a clicking noise. Seems to happen at any speed.. Last night on my way home from work at around 11pm I noticed that when it clicks both my AC and ...
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What does abv mean on Monte carlo

What does the abbreviation ome or Meo mean on fuse panel labeled with left heated seat also it's an 2004 it starts for a min but will not stay running what's causing the theft deterrent kick in
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95 Chevy Monte Carlo LS 3.1 idling high in park

Upon cranking, car immediately shoots to 3000rpm and hold. Only drops down after I put the car in gear. Even then, pressing the accelerator the car tends to stall sometimes, as if its flooding itself ...
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Problems when I'm driving lack of power

1973 Chevy Monte Carlo 350 4bbl small block having problems with the car want to put in drive and take all driving it doesn't seem to want to go cast 40 miles an hour so I figured trying to change the ...
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