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Problem switching in new dome lights in the front

I'm trying to install these multi-color dome lights, I successfully installed the right side, but when I tried to install on the left side, the left one won't work. The product is not the issue, I ...
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Modify (cut) piston skirts: does it also cuts its lifespan?

I'm temped, as a challenge to a problem that raised when getting ready to assemble my engine, to modify the pistons skirts since one of the pistons got a crack in the skirt, under the pin side. I see ...
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Cencom Controller with OEM Harness on Ford PIU

Does anyone know where Ford intends for the Cencom controller to be mounted when using the OEM lighting harness in a Ford Interceptor Utility (PIU)? 2017 specifically. The wiring diagrams in the ...
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Can I install GPS navigation system in Nissan B15?

I'm somewhat sedan enthusiast, and while I'm working in some asian countries, I've got my attention on little old Nissan Sunny car. model name is B15 Sunny. This is the wikipedia link I found for the ...
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4WD Rear differential removed totally and have it a 2WD?

I have a 1997 Kia Sportage 4wd and it is having EXACTLY the problem that this pickup truck is having: (The sound the truck makes)
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Are there regular car chassis that would fit a Lamborghini outer shell?

I'm not quite sure if these shells are for replica/kit cars or movie stunt cars, maybe both: I found some chassis plans off eBay for the ...
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chainsaws&blowers: Any guides/instructions on installing DIY air pre-filters on units with weak OEM filters?

I really love the idea (in link below) of Echo's 'pre-filter' setup to ease/assist the actual/main air filter and would love to DIY something, am guessing a stiff-enough, heat tolerant mesh material ...
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2002 into 2001 ignition switch

Can I put a 2002 honda ignition switch into a 2001 honda civic? Would it work and fit? The original ignition switch is a little bigger and has more wires than that of the 2002.
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Replacing vehicle springs with magnets

With a motorcycle or a car where the spring are separate from the shocks could I replace leaf or coil springs opposing poles of 2 magnets instead of the springs? What problems may it cause?
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