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Audi Multi Media Interface

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2023 Q5 removed aux audio inputs, what options do I have?

The center console only has a usbc input. The mmi won’t recognize either a usb Bluetooth receiver or a usb to 3.5 adapter, it tells me the name of the device but says it’s not supported. I tried using ...
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How does my car buttons communicate with the car dashboard?

I have an Audi A6 3,2 FSI 2004 model. Needless to say the multi media system isn't what it could be. I work as a computer programmer so naturally it peaked my interest to know how the multi media ...
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How to turn off voice commands in my Audi MMI 3G+ for navigation?

Every time when I press "i nav" button on the steering wheel I can hear the voice "navigation doesnt work". How can I turn it off? I am using that button to turn on carplay box ...
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Audi MMI - Sound Focus: Symmetric vs Driver

I have an Audi A6 C6 4F2 with (I believe) a 2G MMI Basic (Red color only). If you go into the sound options; you can see there are two settings under a 'Sound focus' Symmetric Driver Now with ...
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