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Do you need any specific tools to change a DPF and vaporizer?

I've just been charged a ridiculous amount for a new vaporizer and a DPF clean. I could have bought an entirely new DPF and vaporizer myself and fitted them at home for less than what I just paid. Is ...
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Should I rebuild or replace?

The car is a 2001 VW Golf MK4 with a 1.4 gasoline engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. It uses a lot of oil and the engine knocks and pings. It recently has started leaking water from the right ...
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Skoda octavia A8 2022 mk4 gives jerking while accelerating

My skoda octavia A8 2022 is giving a jerking while accelerating.. Especially in sports mode.. In the mid RPMs. What to do to solve it. Service center isn't saying ...
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VW Golf MK4 Airbag Light

Does anyone know where to find the fault code references I have a 2002 Golf with the airbag light on. With an Xtool I have the COD 12855 station code 3141 I don't really want to start soldering all ...
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Cranking start from time to time on a VW Golf mk4

My VW Golf mk 4 has been cranking from time to time for the last 2 or 3 years, or perhaps a little bit more. It's not something that always happen and I believe that it's specially prone to do it when ...
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Volkswagen Golf 2.0 01 Automatic Transmission

I have a 2001 Automatic. Golf mk4. With 166,000 on it. My transmission suddenly went out. About a few months after having it serviced ,started slipping , would feel loss of power , delay in ...
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