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No lights or power but starts off kick, has brand new battery still nothing

I have a pioneer xf125 has no power at all but runs off kickstart and the kill switch works other than that no light or anything, could anyone help?
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Are there online mechanics helping diagnose issues based on OBD2 logs?

My Toyota Kluger (Highlander in the US) has been plagued by recurrent P0171, P0174 (lean fuel mixture) trouble codes ever since I bought it 2nd hand. Apart from the dashboard light, I've seen no other ...
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My car wont start then a flame 🙃

Quick background info I have a 2010 lincoln mks , & it is push to start. I tried starting my car multiple times it wouldnt start, just clicking so i looked under the hood to look at my battery and ...
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Why would a mechanic crank heater to maximum

This is a curiosity question. I recently had the timing belt, tensioner and water pump replaced on my Honda Odyssey. When I picked up the van it was really hot inside but I didn't think much of it. ...
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Is EGR valve change necessary?

Recently I had the engine heater warning lamp (coil symbol) turned on while driving on my 2009 VW Polo diesel. The engine started losing power when going at a speed of over 100 km/h. After a couple of ...
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Plenum in air intake system of automobiles

What is a plenum? What role does it play in the air intake system of cars?Do naturally aspirated engines use plenum?
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Why are cotton shop towels usually red?

Cotton shop towels are often dyed red, like the one this dude is using to wipe down his impact driver (gotta keep those tools clean). Why are shop towels often red? I'm thinking it's to make sure ...
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Bmw lights random turn on at night

Light turn on randomly at night help Help !!!
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Wheel alignment as add on

How do you politely refuse other unnecessary things you are told to fix, when you take your car for a simple job to a car mechanic?
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Too tall to fit under a car on a lift

So I’m going to school to be an auto tech and it’s the second day of class. We just learned how to put a car up on the lift and we raised it but I’m 6’4 and the lift only goes up to 6’ and when I ...
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