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How can I measure brake pad thickness without removing the wheels?

Is there a way to measure the pad thickness w/o removing the wheels? (disc brakes obviously)
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is it OK to use multiple blades of a feeler gauge to measure a larger gap

This feels like a bit of a silly question because I don't see any reason why it won't work fine - but I wanted to get some experienced/pro feedback. I need to measure a gap of .035 inches, my feeler ...
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how to connect pressure gauge to fuel line

2009 toyota corolla 1.8L How can I find connectors to tee in a pressure gauge to my fuel line? The fuel lines are pipes so it's not possible to cut one to tee in. Below are instructions from the ...
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how to Tee in a fuel pressure gauge to line on 2009 toyota corolla

Does anyone have experience teeing a fuel pressure gauge into the fuel line of a 2009 toyota corolla (specifically 1.8L) ? The 2010 model is virtually identical. The service manual says to connect it ...
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Are Honda and Toyota o-rings all metric?

I work mainly on Hondas and Toyotas. I think all the bolts I've accessed have been metric. Is it safe to assume that all o-rings used on these vehicles are metric sizes? Thanks!
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Whats the valve clearance measurements for a 2006 Honda fit 1.3L I-DSI (L31A) engine?

I'm planning on adjusting the valve clearances myself for the first time but i don't know the measurements for the intake and exhaust valves clearances since its a second hand car and the manual is ...
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High-side, low-side pressure readings slow to equalize after turning AC off

I was helping a friend yesterday with their E53 X5's AC system when I noticed this strange behavior: Before turning the AC on for the first time both high-side and low-side pressures read the same ...
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Measuring crank and rod journals

Does anyone have any pointers for mic'ing main bearing and rod journals? My engine has all of the main caps cast as an integral part of the lower block so I can't see how I can reliably use ...
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Antilock braking system

The brake pedal of my friend's Nissan Terrano becomes spongy for short period of time while braking over bumps and the braking doesn't seem to slow down the vehicle for a short time.Braking under ...
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How do I find the width of a car? [closed]

Is there any statistics about the average widths of cars?
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Alignment Measurements after hitting a curb

I hit a curb with my front right tire. I hit with an angle and with 25-30 Miles per hour speed. I took my vehicle to an auto pair, and surprisingly they told me that nothing is bent or damaged. They ...
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How to measure a vehicles wheel bolt pattern?

How can I accurately measure a vehicles wheel bolt pattern, regardless if it is a car or truck? Are any special tools needed? Is there a certain process to measuring a pattern?
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When getting rotors turned should the thickness be exactly the same throughout?

I have to drop off my rotors to an auto parts store that does rotor turning in house and I wondered when I pickup my rotors and check it's thicker than the minimum thickness from the manufacture ...
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How does a dynamometer work?

I don't have much to add here. Pretty simple. How does a dynamometer work? How are Horsepower and Torque measured as separate figures during a single dyno run? There are quite a few components and ...
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Dynamometer Question - How is it operated and what are they doing?

When guys are doing dyno runs they to do it in a gear, interact with the keyboard and then do it again in another gear. It seems they do multiple runs in multiple gears. In this post Paulster ...
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How can I empirically evaluate the condition of my used motor oil at home?

I changed my oil recently, and my careful scientific observation led me to discover that it was black and a bit runny. Not clear golden like new oil, but neither tarry sludge like a haven't-serviced-...
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How to find the diameter of an automobile inner tube

I'm trying to determine the diameter of several automobile inner tubes (ranging from compact cars to semis); as in the diameter within the tube itself (possibly the "width", or even circumference of ...
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Converting Cylinder Compression Specs to Inches of Vacuum

If I have the specifications for cylinder compression can I convert that to how much intake vacuum the engine should be pulling? For example, if I have a 4 cylinder engine that is supposed to have ...
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In a clip, what does the "Stem Length" mean?

I am currently trying to find replacement fender clips for my car. The OEM part numbers are 01553-09321 (Nissan), 90044-68320 (Toyota), and MR328954 (Mitsubishi). I have the hole size (7.7mm), and ...
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