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Transmission makes more noise than normal in passing gear

My 2003 Acura MDX seems to make more noise when it switches to passing gear than it used to. It can even get to almost a screech, albeit a low volume screech. Although maybe not related, I recently ...
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My radiator is busted in myAcura mdx

I hit a deer and totalled the front of my Acura still runs and drives but the radiator has several holes in it and the cooling fans are bent and not working.This is my only car and I have to ...
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2003 acrua mdx. Coolant leak between ac bracket and engine block dripping on corner of oil pan

This 2003 acrua mdx leaks coolant from the alternator and ac compressors bracket mounts and leaks between block down on the corner of the oil pan is there a freeze plug hole it could be leaking ...
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Acura MDX burning oil - how long can it run?

I have a 2012 MDX with 75,000 miles on it. I love this car! I noticed that the oil level was abnormally low about 2700 miles after an oil change. I first noticed this at about 50K miles. I thought ...
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Smoking battery when jumping from another car

Smoking battery when jumping it and when I tried charging it the voltage meter kept jumping up n Down. Also while the vehicle was running it just completely died on my 2005 Acura MDX. Does anyone know ...
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Radio sound issues

I have a 2003 acura mdx. Radio worked but CD player n tape player did not work only radio. I went to a junkyard where I found the same vehicle and pulled the radio plugged it in just as the other ...
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