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2008 Mercury Mariner 3.0L Cranks and acts like its going to start and stalls out, will run if I hold down throttle

Just an order of events, I drove about 8 miles to a fast food place, placed my order and as I pulled away the car stalled when I let off the brake to move my foot to accelerator. It runs if I hold ...
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Burnt valves, '08 Mercury Mariner 3.0 V6, similar to Ford Escape

Seeing if anyone else has ran into this problem on a Ford 3.0 V6? It's an '08 Mercury Mariner, 150K miles. Well maintained. High quality synthetic oil used in engine. Almost if not the same as a Ford ...
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2008 Mercury Mariner 3.0 Fuse #26 blowing intermittently

Looking at the owners manual fuse box diagram it's the PCM Mil but I suspect that there's more on that circuit. Having an odd intermittent fuse blowing and it seems to be sitting at a light or even ...
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High rpm at idle

I changed my spark plugs and ignition coils a few days ago and I’m sure I did everything correctly , but after I put everything back together and started the car the rpm was up around 4000 . Idk if I ...
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