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for questions about lug-nuts, the nuts used to fasten the wheels to the vehicle.

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Locking nut removal - hammered a socket onto spinning collar

I have a Vauxhall Astra UK model, not sure they are in the US but don't think that matters... I needed to replace a brake caliper as it was seized. Long story short: My locking nut broke, the bit in ...
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Socket stuck on lug nut stuck on wheel

With the acknowledgement that this is not my finest hour, I've got an issue with a stuck and rounded off lug nut. (This is not my photo, but it shows my problem exactly) Long story short, I need to ...
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Wheel Spacer Question - Stuck Nuts

I bought a car that had wheel spacers fitted, they are for cosmetic reasons only but I prefer the car to be standard so today took the wheel off and proceeded to remove the spacers nuts. They do not ...
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Using wheels with fewer holes

I have a ford E350 van with 8-hole (8-lug?) wheels. On short notice I need to find some steel rims on which I can travel at a short distance (50 meters) at a low speed (< 10 Km/h). It is difficult ...
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