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Questions tagged [lights]

General lighting questions, such as those relating to changing bulbs, diagnosing lighting faults, etc

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5 answers

How do you test analogue electrical circuits?

When trying to diagnose problems with conventional analogue electrical circuits, such as lights, speakers, heated rear windows, etc, as well as short-circuits and unexplained current draws, it can be ...
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Smart and effective ways to light up a garage without relying on power outlets?

I am currently renting an garage in an underground parking lot. The garage has no light inside nor electric plugs. The only form of illumination available comes from the few neon lights in the ...
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2 answers

headlights come on by themselves when car sitting in sun

if sitting in the sun on a hot day, my family's 1995 Mazda protege 323's headlights will come on, even though they are not switched on. This occurs with the car off, and the keys out. The simple way ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Honda Accord 2005 Headlight relay location

Side marker and full(high) beam working fine, but not dipped (low beam) headlights. Checked all fuses - ok. I looked at the cover of the fuse box above (pic below). Honda Accord 2005 under-bonnet ...
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4 answers

2003 Buick Century Right Turn Signal Stuck when dark out, car dies when left gets used

I have a 2003 Buick Century and whenever it is dark out my car turns my lights on automatically upon turning the car on, the right blinker stays solid. This has been going on for a while but now when ...
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How should the lights for a trailer be hooked up?

I have a tent trailer and the lights don't work right. It has a 4 wire connector to my car but one of the wires on the trailer connector was worn out and probably not working. So I got a new 4 prong ...
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5 votes
2 answers

2000 Honda Accord - Attempts to start cause lights to go out with no clicking and fails to start

I tried to start my car less than a minute after turning it off last night and it wouldn't turn over... it wouldn't even click. I tried a few times and then let it rest. After a 30 minute phone call ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Dash Lights and Headlight Angle Adjust Stop Working

I have a 99 Nissan Almera on which the horn was replaced a few days ago and I just noticed that the dashboard lights and the headlight angle adjuster are no long working. A more powerful aftermarket ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Adding aftermarket backup lights

I have a 2011 Ford F-150 Super Cab STX, I find the original backup lights are lacking in lighting up the path I need to drive in reverse, the brake lights do a better job. I already tried replacement ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Volvo V60 Daytime Running Light - what is the bulb type? Instructions to replace bulb? Or what relay/fuse to replace?

That ^ is a 2010 Volvo V60, UK, with one daytime running light that doesn't work. (The one on the other side is fine). So I want to replace the bulb rather than drive to the Volvo dealer (which isn't ...
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3 votes
0 answers

After market lights

My aftermarket led lights work at first but if I turn them on after a short period of time they don't? if I plug stock third brake light back in they work fine?
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3 votes
1 answer

Requirements for number plate illumination (UK) (Are LED Bolts good enough for cars?)

Could someone tell me what the law states with regards to the illumination of number plates in the UK? (i.e. number of lights, intensity in mcd (milli-candella)?) I have installed a reversing camera ...
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1 answer

LCD display light on 2005 Mercedes Viano fail

I have a 2005 Mercedes Benz Viano. It has an instrument panel (speedo, rev counter, etc) with a small orange LCD display. It looks a bit like this: Sometimes, after about an hour's driving, the ...
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310 watt light bar 12 awg wire harness

I am currently looking at a 32 inch 310 watt LED light bar for my 2010 Honda CRV. The light bar I am looking at is The ...
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What part of the headlight is this called?

Hi there. There is a light bulb in the very top right hand corner of this light and I dont know what it would be called as it isn't classed as a headlight Any help would be appreciated
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