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Why does my brand new scissor jack struggle so hard to lift my car?

Recently, I bought a 2 Ton Big Red scissor jack. My car weighs around 1.2 ton and each front corner of the car is no heavier than 650 - 700 kg. However, it requires so much effort to turn the jack ...
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1350 kg capacaity car hydraulic ramp/jack lifting 2500 kg car?

Can you lift the front of (2000-2500)kg car safely with this 1350kg capacity(pair combined) hydraulic ramp/jack?
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Is it safe to lift the front of a car on to axle stands by lifting one side at a time from the rear pinch welds?

My car doesn't have a front central lifting point according to the service manual, and this diagram suggests any front chassis members are obscured by a cover. Is it safe to lift the car one side at a ...
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What is this jack in the car lift shown in the picture?

Marked in a red circle; does anyone have an idea what kind of jack is this? I saw this in this video:
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lift one side of a vehicle with ramps

I've been looking at lots of ramp safety/proper use articles but they all seem focus on lifting the front of the vehicle. On a vehicle with enough clearance to use a ramp at the rear tires, is there ...
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