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Starter scratching sound, cold and hot starts Turn up your volume, when I crank and only when I crank there’s a scratching sound coming from the engine bay, nothing after I release the key when the engine starts. Is ...
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Low compression on all cylinders - Flooded Engine - Maybe Washed Cylinders?

I just did a head gasket replacement on my 1995 Acura Legend. Before the replacement, compression was good on all cylinders except #3, which had blown. While the engine was open: I cleaned off the ...
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Welded nut broken inside subframe

So I was replacing my rear upper control arm (passenger side) for my 1995 Acura legend today, and I was trying to take out the bolts that go into the subframe. One of them was hard to turn, so I got a ...
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Gasket between master cylinder and brake booster?

So I replaced my master cylinder on my 1995 Acura legend and there a hissing sound coming from the brake booster area. Upon more thorough inspection, I found that placing my finger on the bottom side ...
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