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Color 'Swatches' and dye kit for Leather & Vinyl?

I would like to be able to refurbish worn out leather and vinyl interiors for a broad range of vehicles. I think the pros might use a collection of 'swatch' colors on a string to match a color and ...
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Is this "All Surface" Interior Detailer Spray really good for leather seats?

I have some "Turtle Wax All Surface Interior Detailer Spray". (I could only find it at Wal Mart) It says you can use it on vinyl, leather, and several other surfaces. The seats and dash in ...
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What class of cleaning/detailing products do I use for artificial/imitation leather?

I just bought a Tesla Model 3, and it's full of artificial leather (seats, dash, doors, center console...) When browsing car detailing/maintenance stores, I find 2 separate "classes" of cleaners and ...
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Are cars with leather seats more or less fireproof?

I have heard that cars with fabric upholstery will catch on fire readily, and in fact have experienced that first hand. My girlfriend had a Jetta and some guy stole it, left a newspaper in the front ...
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Honda Car Door Leather Tear and Restoration

I have a Honda with leather interior. Recently, there was an incident while carrying stuff in my car and the leather on the door got torn because of that. Here is a link to the pictures of the damage ...
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How can I restore leather color?

My wife has an '01 Accord, light grey interior. Her leather wrapped steering wheel was gunky and sticky and probably has never been cleaned, so I bought some leather cleaner, conditioner (both ...
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What should I use to maintain leather seats?

I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey with leather seats. What can I do to keep them from drying out and cracking?
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What can you expect after applying leather protection? [closed]

Brought a new car with leather protection, the brochure only says lifetime protection against cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by the harmful effects of ultra violet light permanent ...
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How to restore and care for leather?

I have an old car and I am wondering about the processes involved in cleaning the leather on it and bringing it back to an almost new looking state. The roof exterior is leather and the whole ...
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Minimum Care of Leather Interior

I have just bought a used Honda Accord with leather seating. I'm not necessarily a car enthusiast, but I would be interested in knowing the minimum I should do to keep the interior in good condition. ...
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