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Questions tagged [lean]

A condition where the air fuel ratio is not optimal and the engine is not receiving enough fuel from the fuel system

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Emissions per mile of high MPG lean-burn gas-powered cars versus standard gas-powered cars

I am wondering if there have been studies or calculations of the NOx emissions per mile of high MPG lean-burn gas-powered cars versus standard gas-powered cars. Honda made some great lean-burn cars ...
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No throttle Response at low RPM, Normal performance at normal high RPM

I own a 2007 Hilux, 1kd-ftv 3.0 diesel. Recently my car was occasionally stalling or trying to stall at idle, and having complete engine hesitation from time to time, where the engine would rev when ...
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Engine feels like it will stall after Air/Fuel ratio sensor changed?

Got an 04 Acura TSX that's been baffling me for the couple of weeks. Accidentally bought an Upstream Oxygen sensor instead of the downstream so I thought might as well replace it since I have it (keep ...
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Help me diagnose my lack of power & lean condition

I have a 2000 Mercedes CLK 320 with the M112 V6 engine at 125 000 kms. The car has rough unsteady idle and is lacking a lot of its power - to illustrate, 0-100 km/h takes exactly 10 seconds, while ...
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2 Stroke 70CC Scooter Engine

I own a scooter which I blew the engine in Dec 2016. I since replaced the defective parts in it and it now runs great aside of one thing: Bottom end of the throttle is slugish (I'll elaborate) It ...
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When second gear is engaged the car doesnt accelerate and engine doesnt rev up? audi a3 1.6 2005

I recently had a gearbox which went through the casing and needed to be refurbished. Had a new clutch replaced along with it. Once i picked the car up i began noticing that when the car goes into 2nd ...
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High LTFT (Long Term Fuel Trim) Reading

If someone can help me solving a lean condition issue, I'd appreciated! I bought a 2002 Ford Focus ZTW (Zetec, at 100k miles) a month ago, and I noticed OBD2 always reads LTFT for both bank 1 and 2 ...
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