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The Nissan Leaf is an all-electric car produced by Nissan of Japan

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Nissan Leaf: force "AUTO" headlights to be always on

I own a first-generation Nissan Leaf. Nissan LEAF - Headlights and Exterior Lights If your vehicle is equipped with the auto light system, you can preset ...
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What outlet type does a 2018 or 2019 LEAF use for 240 volt charging?

NEMA 14-50, 14-30, or ___ ? I do NOT mean Juicebox or wall charger. I mean the cable that COMES WITH THE LEAF for 240v charging. (I have googled this like crazy without clear results, and even the ...
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Is it okay to leave a Nissan Leaf for 6 months without driving it?

I think the short answer is yes. Any thoughts about this? BTW, page EV-5 in the 2017 Leaf owner's manual says: While the vehicle is not in use When the EV system is off for an extended time, the 12-...
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Nissan LEAF Operation in 0F, -20C weather

Is there any public data on LEAF operation at -20C? We routinely see those kinds of temperatures in the winter, and I am trying to understand the viability of a LEAF. My understanding is that ...
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Does a Nissan Leaf necessarily have a 6.6kW capacity on-board charger if it has Quick Charge port?

Looking at a 2015 Nissan Leaf I see it has a Quick Charge port (listed as part of the Charge Package on the spec sheet). Does this mean this car also has the 6.6kW on board charger? I'm not sure if ...
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How can I determine if a 2015 Nissan Leaf can be monitored/controlled via an app?

I've seen in reviews that Nissan Leaf's have a phone app that can monitor and control its charging and climate functions. For example, you can view on your phone how much power the car's battery has, ...
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Is it possible to rebuild the batteries of the Nissan Leaf?

I've seen many used Nissan Leafs being offered for a very low cost (as little as $6000 as of 2016), but I'm concerned about the lifetime left in the batteries of those cars. Nissan says that they will ...
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