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Why is my car idling weird only while I am moving in neutral?

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion Redline. Whenever I am coming to a stop I put it in neutral when I get to about 15-20mph, and whenever I am rolling into it the cars idle goes up and down by a good amount ...
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How to insert rear door window glass in Saturn Ion

I've got a 2006 Saturn Ion 2 sedan with a broken rear door window (not the fixed quarter-window). I've gone through the steps to remove the inner door panel and outer trim along the bottom of the ...
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Saturn Ion clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder push rod equivalents

I need to replace the clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder push rod on my 2006 Saturn Ion. The clutch pedal is getting hard to find. Rather than paying more than I can afford and waiting for it to ...
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engine performance problem

My question is about my 2004 saturn ion 2.2L. Engine misfires and looses power intermittently. I plugged the code reader and gave me PO341 (camshaft position sensor A circuit range performance (bank 1 ...
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2005 Saturn Ion running rough after running for 30 minutes

My 2005 Saturn Ion starts and runs great for about 30 minutes or so, then it starts running rough like the mixture is too rich. I have to let it sit for an hour or two and then it cranks and runs ...
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