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Powering a large electrical load with an alternator and high idle system

I have to install an inverter in a work truck that will power work lights, some power tools, and other equipment too be used while the truck is parked. I've calculated the load to be at max 750 watts, ...
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power inverter to run a shop vac. Could alternator be damaged by this?

I have a standard 200 watt power inverter which I have used to power a sound system off of my Econoline e250 on multiple occasions with no problem. I tried to run a 4hp rigid shop vac off of it and ...
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When using a car to generate electricity, what factors affect its efficiency?

A group of friends and I are all going camping, and have some minor back-up power needs (and no generator). We're trying to figure out which of our cars is best to plug an inverter into: most ...
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RV inverter wiring

I would like to install an inverter in my 5th-wheel. I want it wired into the panel so that the trailer will switch between shore/generator/inverter automatically. The problem is, there are a few ...
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