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02 olds it a transmission problem or something else

.will only go 20 mph in drive and revs 35 mph in 3rd an revs to shifts from 1st to 3rd an in reverse. Whats wrong with my car.? Is it a transmission problem or something else.
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2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue disconnected coolant hose

We got this car really cheap from a friend since it leaks coolant (it runs out in about ten minutes of driving). My wife noticed the other day this hose that is not connected to anything (shown below) ...
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1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue - Takes fuel super slow

I think someone tried to siphon my gas tank and now it fills super slow. Like ten minutes slow. So what part might be damaged and would it be in the fuel tank itself or in the fuel tank neck?
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98 Olds Intrigue headlights turn off when driving turn back on by using switch

When I'm driving in cold weather, the headlights (which turn on automatically) go out. I can turn them on with the manual switch. Which relay or fuse does controls this? Does anyone have a number or ...
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