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Use the interior tag for questions regarding issues with the inside of a vehicle. ALso include a make and model tag.

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How Do I Locate Difficult-To Find Power Seat Track Interior Parts for a 1968 Ford Thunderbird?

I have a 1968 Ford Thunderbird Fordor with bucket seats. The seat-track motor gears that connect the motor to the track have worn out. Most of the catalog parts stores that specialize in Thunderbird ...
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How Do You Keep Mold From Growing In a Non-Running Car That Has Leaky Windows?

I have a car that isn't running at the moment, but that soon will be. Where I live, it rains 7 days per week, and I've recently cleaned mold from the interior of the vehicle. What types of things ...
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How do I fix a sagging headliner

My headliner has started to sag right over the front passenger. While it is not causing me any issues (it is not so low that it hits the passenger or distracts me) it is very ugly. What is the best ...
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