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Questions tagged [interior]

Use the interior tag for questions regarding issues with the inside of a vehicle. ALso include a make and model tag.

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How can I restore leather color?

My wife has an '01 Accord, light grey interior. Her leather wrapped steering wheel was gunky and sticky and probably has never been cleaned, so I bought some leather cleaner, conditioner (both ...
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Are 2011 ford fusion headrests interchangeable between option packages?

The owner's manual for a 2011 Ford Fusion hybrid described headrests that can be adjusted back and forth in addition to up and down. Mine does not have them. The non-adjustable ones give my wife a ...
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What could have cause these scratches on my LCD?

I had to remove the anti-glare coating on my LCD (using plastic polisher) because the previous owner probably used ammoniac based cleaner on it. After removing it with Novus plastic polisher, I found ...
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How do you replace the cupholders in a late 90's (1999) model Toyota Corolla?

The cupholder mechanism in my 1999 Toyota Corolla broke on the bottom and on the sidebar and they need to be replaced. How would I go about doing that? I assume the center console has to be taken ...
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Suggestions to clean duct tape(?) from interior

I recently purchased a GTI mk4 and it needs a little fixing up but it runs great. However, I would like to clean up duct tape residue but could possibly be other things as well from the interior of ...
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Upholstery Repair

The seams are starting to fail on the front seats of my '05 Jetta wagon - it looks like the leather may be failing in places as well - so I'm starting to research repair options. I'm wondering: How ...
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Removing interior trim pieces

One thing I am keen to start doing this year is to begin attempting basic maintenance on my car. My first job is the rear window washer. First, I'll provide a bit of background on the issue (just in ...
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Acura MDX rear-seat cup holder not opening

I have an Acura MDX 2008, and I recently noticed that the rear seat cup holder was broken. It won't open up. As I don't have a warranty on the vehicle, how can I fix this issue? Thanks!
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Can the rear window on a vinyl Miata top be reattached?

Six years ago I had a local company replace the worn top on my 2000 Mazda Miata with a new Robbins vinyl one. Today the window completely detached from the top, and a frame separated from the glass. ...
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White residue deep in carpet after serious leak

The car in question had a very serious leak, and because "reasons", it sat a long time (2 years) with wet interior, I mean it had a puddle inside... The crazy thing that besides some rust on ...
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Cleaning Mold From Fabrics, including Seats and Headliner

I own a Vauxhall Corsa Twinport (04) which previously leaked water through the bulkhead into the car, which results in pools of water in all footwell, plus significant damp across all fabrics. I fixed ...
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Why would dome lights stay on, yet moonroof work perfectly? (One unit) 2007 Mercury Montego Premier

I replaced the unit, but the lights still stay on while the moonroof control operates the moonroof exactly as it should. The one without bulbs is the old one. Removed them to save the battery prior to ...
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What are the interior trims along windshield?

Hey I’m trying to buy the trim that is on the left And right of windshields. I don’t know the name. It’s on the inside and forms from the dash to the roof of the vehicle.
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Volvo C70 2009 Convertible ceiling panels: glue has come loose

My friend attempted this repair with some kind of all-purpose glue which did not hold. What is the best adhesive for this type of application? As you can see from the photos, the ceiling panels ...
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2005 PT Cruiser

2.4L Turbo Interior lights coming on and off byself. Door locks and unlocks byself. Passenger door can only be locked manually. Bought car 2 years ago used. Just noticed this happening.
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Water logging in the boot (stepney compartment)

I own a 2021 Hyundai Grand i10 (Sportz variant). Am the second owner (about 38000 km. when I got it). This is the second time I've found water in the boot (in the Stepney space) this monsoon. No other ...
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How to patch / repair interior plastic door material?

This is a roughly 1-1/2" (5cm) tear in the material of the rear door of my Subaru: I don't know how it originally got damaged but by the time I noticed it I think one of my (lovely) kids had ...
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Color 'Swatches' and dye kit for Leather & Vinyl?

I would like to be able to refurbish worn out leather and vinyl interiors for a broad range of vehicles. I think the pros might use a collection of 'swatch' colors on a string to match a color and ...
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Is this "All Surface" Interior Detailer Spray really good for leather seats?

I have some "Turtle Wax All Surface Interior Detailer Spray". (I could only find it at Wal Mart) It says you can use it on vinyl, leather, and several other surfaces. The seats and dash in ...
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Replacing headliner in honda accord 2008

I have a honda accord, the foam failed (not the adhesive in the foam) and is pulling apart. The fabric is fine. I have some good adhesives to glue the foam back to the ceiling of the car, but I've ...
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How do I get a fold/crease out of a car floor mat?

My passenger side (front) car mart has a strong crease. Over the past 14 months I have tried a variety of things : Leave it flat out in the sun. Placed it flat out in the sun with three bricks on it. ...
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