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Radio static with wheels at certain position

I have a 2002 TJ wrangler and the FM radio has a severe static problem. When the vehicle is in motion, there is a pulsing static that increases in frequency the faster I'm going, as if it is the ...
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Stereo buzzing noise when lights not on; recently installed reversing camera

I have an Xtrons stereo head unit. I have attached a reversing camera that switches the camera image to the head unit automatically when I put the vehicle into reverse and switches back again when I ...
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Why, when rotating the crank-shaft manually, with the spark-plugs removed, is there still some resistance?

K7M engine (Renault Sandero) I have recently replaced the timing-belt and tensioner. This is a first time for me, doing this job. The marks are lining up and I'm about ready to put everything back ...
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EMI affecting FM signal in car

Recently i have installed a Stereo system in my car, that works flawlessly when i play Music and Videos through an SD card or Pen drive, The problem comes when i am listening to FM radio, My Stereo ...
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Vehicle audio system cuts off

So I've lately had a problem with my vehicle where my car's entire audio system will cut off for a brief period of time whenever I apply brakes (brake lights turn on), or when I use my turn signal ...
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Type of engine 2004 Ford Excursion V10

Is the engine on 2004 Ford Excursion V10 an interference engine?
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Something in car is interfering with iPhone GPS

This is going to sound ridiculous but there is no other explanation. I used phone GPS while driving in my car for the past 3 years. 3 different phones, that is, and they all worked fine. I was ...
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Installing electronics next to SRS Airbag controller in car

I have bought an add-on for my car stereo (GROM USB3) which adds USB and Bluetooth capability for playing music and answering calls. This module is contained in a little box with 4 ports, and connects ...
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