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Relocate pcv air inlet line from air tube and into the air box housing

The pcv valve line is wanting to be relocated will I gain engine performance and efficiency doing this ?
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A MAP sensor small piece of plastic and a nipple fell into intake

I tried to remove the MAP sensor (the car is Clio 3 1.6 16v k4m engine) and it was moving very easily and just tried a little bit to pull it out and a small piece of plastic with an oring was just ...
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Do carburetors protect intake valves from carbon deposits?

For a long time, most car engines were using multi-point port injection that sprays fuel directly at the intake valves. Today, engines are increasingly commonly direct injected. A problem of direct ...
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How to interpret "crankshaft adaptation inlet Grad KW" value?

I'm trying to understand the meaning of this value and the implications of it being over the 120 limit. Do you think you could help me out with some thoughts about it? I think it should say "...
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Mercedes P2004 error code

I have 2007 Mercedes s550, It runs without any issues but I can see P2004 error code which says: Intake Manifold Runner control stuck open Bank 1a. A week ago I saw a check engine light on, I plugged ...
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2003 cts cadillac 3.2

2 cts cadillac. On the top of the air intake manifold runs a black strip. Underneath that black strip my gasket or O ring has broke. I don't know the name of it and have gone to several automotive ...
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The HG fell from 22 to 18 after 'addressing' post-supercharger intake leaks

I have an ODB 1 supercharged 540I/6 (E34 1995 if that matters) that was hitting 10 PSI of boost relatively easy last summer. The car has been sitting for a while, and the boost was barely touching 5 ...
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02 Civic SiR "faint whistling" sound under load

I'm getting what I can best describe as a "faint whistling" sound, mostly under load, sometimes faintly when revving in neutral. I'd liken it to someone blowing a referee's whistle way off in the ...
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Clear oily fluid collects in intake silencer baffle

While looking for vacuum leaks to explain a P0171 code, I noticed a sloshing noise/feel when I removed the intake silencer baffle (which is part of the intake tubing that sits between the MAF sensor, ...
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