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Can an insurance company deny repairs after an accident because of rust underneath?

My husbanded was rear ended on the express way. Went in for repairs..fixed the outer part of the car. Once I drove it off there lot it sounded like the wheel was coming off. I took it back, they ...
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What is the insurance status of a car that has been "totaled" and the owner decides to keep?

We have a 2004 van, it had never been in an accident, never needed more than regular maintenance service. All bells & whistles, excellent leather interior (no kids). It was bumped in the back, ...
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hail damage repair

We had a doozy of a hail storm a couple weeks ago and my 2016 Forester took some hard shots. ~$7000 worth of hard shots according to my insurance carrier (Progressive). I instantly called a body shop ...
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Will insurance companies add a record to the Carfax if they only pay for the repair? [closed]

Few days ago I saw my car's door has been kicked by a jerk and there was a footprint still on the door. This caused a dent around 10-15 inches on the door and 2-3 inches of chipped paint. I called to ...
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For most car insurers in USA / Canada who give discount for Winter tires, do "All Season tires" qualify? [closed]

My CRV has Michelin Premier LTX "All Season" tires. For most car insurers in USA / Canada who offer a discount on insurance premium when tires are changed seasonally with "Winter tires&...
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Insurance company asking me to pay more than car is worth for repairs

My car is in the garage after I smashed the valance. When they took the it off to replace it, they cannot now fix it back on because the area it was fixed to has rusted and there is nothing to fix it ...
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Address the persistent sound noise issue in my car after an accident

My car was met with an accident, the doors on left side was slammed and had to be replaced. Since then I am experiencing sound noise coming from left side (not experiencing actual wind but hear window ...
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Car Insurance and Collision [closed]

Someone was driving my vehicle and the ABS lights came on and suddenly the brakes were barely working. They are a family member but I have a car insurance policy for my car only and they have a car ...
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