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Instrument cluster display not switching on in c220 d Benz [closed]

Instrumental cluster not getting on in the Mercedes c220 d 2016 model any help ?
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Jeep Renegade 2015, engine temperature light

This might be very stupid but I only have this car since 2 weeks (bought used). Today I noticed, that one of the red lights on the spectrum of the cooler temperature measure is on. It is the one ...
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Peugeot 206, engine oil level fine, but the 6 segments flash indicates fault

The peugeot 206 has the oil level gauge in picture: specifically in that state means "fault". Today I've noticed my oil engine gauge light is in that state. I've checked the oil level, it seems fine ...
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Need urgent help - car cut out and instruments frozen and will not start

I have just broken down. I am safe. My car has suddenly cut out and my instruments are frozen. The car will turn over but it refuses to start. My fuel gauge is stuck as well. My engine is cold so I do ...
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Does (forcefully) overriding the self-canceling damage my indicator levers?

Sometimes I don't want my indicators to self cancel, so I hold the indicator on while turning the wheel, and it makes a cracking/clicking noise. Am I damaging anything if I do this? EDIT: To clarify,...
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What is the pin layout / labels of this oil gauge?

I have a veglia oil pressure gauge from a fiat coupe 16v. On the reverse of the clock is 4 pins, the top and left ones are labeled negative and positive respectivly, but can anyone tell me what the ...
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Incorrect odometer reading after replacing instrument cluster?

I recently had a garage do work on my 95 Mazda B2300 during which they replaced the faulty instrument cluster. When I dropped it off at the shop, it had approximately 170k miles on it. After they ...
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OBD2 interfacing with external guages

Is there some kind of OBD2 hub that can output to five gauges at once. I’m looking at installing a 5-pod gauge system on to a 2008 Holden Commodore (Pontiac G8) that has an OBD2 port. And I would ...
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3 answers

Motorcycle: Way to stop plastics fading?

I have a 13yo motorcycle that has a black plastic instrument panel. Although it is not regularly exposed to the sun the black plastic is fading to a chalky white. I was wondering if anyone knew of a ...
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How is "outside temperature" measured in a car?

Most cars have a display for outside temperature, and I have been wondering how it was measured... In other words, where exactly is the sensor and how reliable is it?
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