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What exactly is Dewalt's "precision wrench" mode?

I bought a Dewalt DCF900 impact driver. I've read their 2 sentence description of precision wrench mode, and still am not sure how to use it. Other than offering "greater control"...I'm ...
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Can I use the "Auto" mode on my Hercules impact wrench to safely put lug nuts on?

I'm new to DIY auto mechanic stuff, and I just bought a Hercules 1/2" compact impact wrench (HCB84B2) mainly to get lug nuts off the car. I know you're not supposed to use impact wrenches to put ...
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Impact on changing a starter

If someone used an impact to change our a starter on a mid-90's Z-71, could that alone crack the block? Can the block be welded?
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How much can be achieved with a manual impact driver? [duplicate]

Are the manual impact drivers which you whack with a hammer any use at all with anything but screws and small sockets? For example I need to shift a moderately rusty 15mm bolt which won't budge, on ...
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Can a manual/hand impact driver be used with sockets?

Manual/hand impact drivers are usually described for use with impact (screwdriver) bits. But can they be used with hex sockets too? I realize that typically an electric or air impact driver/wrench ...
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What is the disadvantage of using impact sockets on a hand wrench?

The Instructions that came with my gp CrMo sockets say: Only use impact sockets with power driven or impact tools. Do not use impact sockets with hand tools such as ratchets, breaker bars, leverage ...
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unscrew the over-tightened nuts from a Hyundai Santa Fe 2012 Limited

I posted a question a few days back because my Hyundai Santa Fe 2012 Limited has a flat tire. I've decided to send the car to a car shop for a tire-change after reading the responses. Now the new ...
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Removing stuck bolts- manual ratchet vs. pneumatic impact ratchet

Which is easier on a stuck bolt, impact wrench or manual ratchet? Or are they about the same? I had four tiny corner welds on a nut fail removing the below bolt, irritating but not really a problem, ...
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Air compressor/air impact wrench advice

Thanks in advance for reading. Have some heavily rusted bolts on my hubs, trying to do as much of a needed hub replacement as I can myself. Got a mixed bag of auto repair tools from someone a while ...
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What fasteners should not be loosened using an impact wrench, and why?

Which bolts and other fasteners should not be loosened using an impact wrench? For example, I've heard that it's not generally recommended to loosen spark plugs with an impact. Nor is it recommended ...
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Impact Wrench Mystery – breaks loose axle nut, but can't undo wheel lugs…

I think there must be something I don't understand about impact wrenches. After snapping a half-inch breaker bar (with a cheater) while trying to remove the axle nut, I decided that an impact wrench ...
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Are there any risks if I use impact wrench to loosen lug nuts while the tire not touching ground?

I was watching a couple of videos on how to change tires and I keep hearing that it is recommended to loosen the lug nuts while tires are touching the ground. I followed this advice when I changed ...
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