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A component of the ignition system that, by induction, creates the high voltage required by the spark plugs.

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How to Test an Ignition Coil with a Multimeter

I have a 98 Mazda 626 GF and I'd like to test the ignition coils with a multimeter to see if any of them are starting to fail. The car has ECU controlled timing / ignition and there are two coils, ...
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Why the wasted spark in four-stroke motors?

This just came up in my curious mind. In a typical four-stroke engine with an even number of cylinders, spark plugs fire in pairs. This means there is a wasted spark as one cylinder is in exhaust, ...
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What vehicle does this ancient ignition coil fit?

My Father-in-Law gave this Ford branded ignition coil to me today. I'm curious to know what vehicle it went to, and how it was hooked up originally. Can I easily determine whether it works or not ...
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Yamaha Seca - Motorcycle Idle problems

My motorcycle (1982 Yamaha Seca 650) has had a strange problem with the idle for a few years now. I have not been able to diagnose it and I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help. It starts ...
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Honda CB400 Super-Four - Power Issue

I have a Honda CB400 Super-Four. My bike starts and rides but I can't get more than 5000rpm out of her. If I do then she floods and cuts out. Two of her exhaust pipes are cold and two are warm. ...
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04 Lexus ES330 Multiple Ignition Coil Failures / Poor Coil Feedback Signal

I was asked to look at a Lexus ES330. The complaint was the car wouldn't go over 20MPH and would fall on it's face. The ECM was replaced and problem persisted. One coil was replaced around a year ...
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What Is The Output Voltage For The Mazda 626 GF 2L 98-2002 Coil Pack?

I've seen aftermarket "high voltage" coils that output 40kV, but what is the output voltage for the standard OEM coil pack? I want to use a spark tester with an adjustable gap to check the strength ...
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Do I Need to Ground the Spark Plug When Testing

When I'm using a known good spark plug to test spark at each wire, do I need to ground the threads of the plug to the engine block like the guy in this video is doing? What happens if I don't ground ...
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how many amps do a ignition coil draw?

I know that the Peak output voltage in a ignition coil is between 10,000-45,000 V "Or so I heard" but how many amps does the ignition coil draw from the 12Volt side ? I heard it was small....
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Can pressure caused by temperature cause ignition coils to unseat?

I've got a Rotax engine that looks like this from the top: The ignition coils look like this when removed: Recently two of the three ignition coils unseated after approximately 10 minutes of ...
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Cylinder misfires since having a full service on Golf MK5 2005

I took my VW Golf MK5 2005 (130,000 miles) to have a full service the other week which included changing all 4 spark plugs. Whilst driving home the engine management light came on and I lost some ...
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