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Can anyone tell me what this device is? This car is a 2008 Honda Crv Ex

This is located under the far back passenger side window.
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What the heck is this part, and is it part of the rear brake rotors?

What actually is this? TBC the two arrows are pointing to the same thing; the left arrow is pointing to the circular part of the Thing and the right arrow is pointing to the side part of the Thing. Is ...
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What is the motorcycle in this picture?

I came across this image while looking for vintage adventure motorcycles and would really like to know what motorcycle it is. The place where I found the image as well as the several alternate places ...
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What is the purpose of this rubber tab on the leading edge of the window? [duplicate]

Last week I parked next to a much older vehicle at work, and I saw this: It reminded me of my old 1995 Geo Prizm, which also had a tab like this on the leading edge of the front windows. However, I ...
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can someone tell me what DKW 1938 car is it?

i think it is F8, but it have round on doors, do you know, what is it? Thank for your time! [![interior front][7]][7] [7]:
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Identify this unknown car from picture

Can someone help me to identify this car. I suspect it is a Toyota, and it was bought in Austria (second hand) around 1995.
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Help me identify the Car this wheel belongs to please (DKW)

I recently found this old DKW rim and tire in my shed and was wondering if anyone could help me identify which era the car that this wheel belonged to was from or perhaps even identify the model of ...
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Unknown Leaking Hose behind Volvo engine

There's a hose behind the engine that connects to some fitting that passes through the firewall on an old Volvo XC90 that seems to be leaking oil. I can't identify what that part is. Does power ...
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What does O/D mean on a dashboard & a button under the transmission button?

My car has an O/D button under the transmission button. When I press it, it turns O/D off. When O/D is off, the revs go up more than when O/D is on. What does O/D mean and what does it do to the ...
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Boat part what part is this?

I own a boat with Mercury 90 motor. There is a red switch on the engine used as security to start the boat, very simple. I've lost this key and want to replace it, but have no idea what it is called. ...
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Which Mercedes-Benz models are associated with this photo? There are many, I want to know them all [closed]

This is Mercedes-Benz S600 Coupe of 2000 year. I know there is SL50 that looks the same. What are all the models that are associated with this and look the same?
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