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1 answer

Identify barrel connector from Chevrolet Silverado 6V Powered Ride on Toy

I believe the label has the following printed on it: GVXW ZGCY 0.5A 240VDC I am unable to locate anything via google. Assumption It is a fused female barrel connector for charging the power wheel. ...
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Identifying a zener diode

This board is from a Ford 2004 F-350 instrument cluster (speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge etc..) Ford has epoxied the chips down along with the solder. I tried removing one of them and well not ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Anyone can ID this "FCI" connector in a Fiat 500 parking light?

I'm looking to replace the terminals but can't even ID the connector. Can get a connector kit from the dealer for $70 but just need one 50 cent terminal.
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can someone tell me what DKW 1938 car is it?

i think it is F8, but it have round on doors, do you know, what is it? Thank for your time! [![interior front][7]][7] [7]:
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Need help figuring out what this symbol means

I can't find what this symbol means. Any of you guys know? It was on the schematic of an old tractor next to the ignition coil.
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What's this automotive connector?

I'm trying to identify this connector. It's the connector for the fuel pressure sensor on my '02 Renault Laguna II. The contacts are intermittent and in need of replacing, but I can't find this ...
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Verify Genuine Toyota Brakes

Im selling items on eBay and a buyer complained that the brakes that I sent him aren't "Genuine Toyota" brakes. I'm almost certain they are genuine, but I'm not sure how to verify. He says "The brake ...
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