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What are plausible values for the Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor?

My car (a Hyundai i30 1.6 crdi form 2009) suffers from a dirty DPF. The errors I get are P1405 (Permanent Regeneration) and P2002 (Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold). I know that ...
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Can't find replacement ECU/ECM

I recently had some water damage to my 2016 Hyundai I-30 ECM and now I need a replacement, however I'm unable to find the exact Part using the part number. My part no. is 39127-2b693 but no luck ...
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2010 Elantra Touring - LED dashboard display is flickering

This problem started two weeks ago. When I start my car, the LED display on my dashboard flickers and is dim. After I drive it a while (5-10 minutes) the LED becomes stable and bright. My local ...
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Will driving car without coolant cap do long term damage to car?

So this morning I did something stupid. I had checked the coolant in my car and it was fractionally below the min point, but still fluid in the tank. I poured in some water so it filled to between the ...
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