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A condition where liquid fills a cylinder on an internal combustion engine and prevents the engine from operating normally due to being hydraulically locked due to the liquids interference.

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1.2L 12v Renault misfiring and stuttering after hour drive in heavy rain / puddles

I’m new to this site, it’s a fountain of knowledge. I understand Diesel engines, but my petrol / gas engine knowledge is flaky at best. 2 days ago the heavens opened and I had about an hours drive ...
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What should I do with my car after driving into water? [duplicate]

So my car drove into water, and it stopped working at some point. I then stopped my car, and me and a couple other people fished out the car. We were able to start and drive the car after and I ...
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Car stalls in flood but now starts, does that mean the engine is okay?

I drove my car (Fiat Panda Active) through a flood that was deeper than I expected, it stalled, I restarted it again, it struggled once more when I got out of the flood but kept going. I then had the ...
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Barn find 74 Volkswagen Super Beetle Hydrolocked?

This VW has been sitting up for about 4-5 years and I'm looking to get this thing going again. I've replaced the drive belt on it, changed the oil, and I'll need to get a new battery but for now am ...
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Low compression on all cylinders - Flooded Engine - Maybe Washed Cylinders?

I just did a head gasket replacement on my 1995 Acura Legend. Before the replacement, compression was good on all cylinders except #3, which had blown. While the engine was open: I cleaned off the ...
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Afraid to crank engine - how can I tell if my cylinders are flooded with water?

Backdrop We had really heavy rains here today. I was in my '99 M5, idling in traffic when I noticed the brake pedal feel became really notchy. When I let go of the brakes the pedal would not travel ...
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