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Self Applying Brake Pedal after Rebuilding Hydroboost - 2003 Hummer H2

Took the hydroboost apart and replaced the seals with a rebuild kit to get rid of a leak. Put everything back together and reinstalled it in the car. When turning on the engine, and bleeding the air ...
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Stripped Threads in Hyrdo Boost

From the pictures above, I have a hydroboost that I need to attach a hose/line to. The problem is that when trying to screw in the bolt with just my fingers, I get a little bit of resistance, and the ...
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Diagnosing Hydroboost Brake Systems

I have a 91 Chevy Astro with the hydroboost brake system. I took my van to a shop because I was having difficulties with the brakes. I was informed that this was due to low brake fluid and I needed a ...
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brake pedal sinks to floor when vehicle is started

I have an 06 Tahoe LT and had a fluid leak close to the fire wall. After some research I found out that the hydrobooster seal is susceptible to leaks after some time. I ordered and replaced the seal. ...
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