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1350 kg capacaity car hydraulic ramp/jack lifting 2500 kg car?

Can you lift the front of (2000-2500)kg car safely with this 1350kg capacity(pair combined) hydraulic ramp/jack?
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Is it okay for a hydraulic chain tensioner to clack? - Video

2002 Ford Escape V6 400,000 miles This video should explain what I'm trying to say. In the video the chain tensioners are in the top left and top center of the screen and you can really see what I'm ...
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Still squealing with second new power steering pump and new belt

2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5 EJ253 SOHC engine My power steering pump began to squeal a few months ago and progressively increased in volume. I purchased a new pump and installed it, squealing immediatly ...
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Why did this Bobcat hydraulic pump housing crack?

I pulled a hydraulic pump off a Bobcat 863 skid steer loader today. I knew there was a crack in the outside (because it was gushing out oil), and I’m not terribly surprised that the crack goes through ...
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2004 Toyota Sienna soft brake woes

Been a mechanic for 20 years now. Wife has a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited AWD. This car has been a huge pain in the neck for me the entire time we have owned it. Great car, sucks to work on. A year ...
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Trouble with 2004 rodeo clutch

I have a 2004 rodeo and the clutch went soft the other day and no longer has any pressure in it. I have changed out the slave cylinder, Checked the master cylinder Check all lines for leakage Have ...
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Tools for changing hydraulic hoses on Deutz 6250

I have a problem with the hydraulic coupling on the auxiliary hydraulics on my tractor. There are 4 lines that connect in a very small area. The required 26 mm 1 1/16" wrench can't turn the ...
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Hydraulic fluid reservoir caps

Hydraulic fluid needs to be kept clean of foreign debris to avoid damaging/destroying hydraulic fluid lines. It is also known to be hydrophillic; Absorbing water leads to a lower boiling point, which ...
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How does an automatic gearbox know when to change gear?

As the title suggests, how does an automatic gearbox know when to change gear? For example, how does the autobox know to shift down when you hit a gradient? How does it know to shift up at 2000 rpm ...
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