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Which knob setting best cooks the mold inside HVAC?

I am trying to eliminate odors inside HVAC by cooking the mold that is presumably causing them, as suggested in (which got 39 upvotes) However, I don't ...
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Foul Smell when turning on air conditioning

I have a 2007 Chrysler Aspen, and recently (past 2 weeks) when I turn on the ac, I notice a 'foul' smell, like burnt rubber, or even sulphur-like. The smell will last a few minutes and will gradually ...
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Why might lower settings of a dashboard fan not work if the highest does?

My wife bought a Nissan Note second hand and the internal ventilation fan works on the highest setting (3 or 4) but not on the lower settings. We've checked the fuses and all seems fine there. Could ...
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How to clean Car's HVAC and AC system

There is a relatively unpleasant smell in my car's HVAC, AC or heating system. Failed idea#1: I removed the cabin air filter and sprayed lots of Lysol in there. It did not help much. Failed idea#2: ...
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Does putting down the visors help defogging the windshield?

My old Fiat Marea Weekend had instructions for defogging the windshield on the inside of the driver's visor: Turn the blower on max Turn the heat on max Turn the recirculation off Put down ...
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When car is standing still, I smell Diesel exhaust. Why?

In my 2003 Opel Vectra, the cabin air smells of Diesel exhaust while stopped at e.g. a red light. The exhaust smell goes away when driving, and it also doesn't come back if I turn the ventilation off ...
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Vehicle AC works initially, but after driving for a while (hour+), the airflow drops to the point being ineffective

I have a 2004 Ford Excursion with the 6.0 powerstroke. Most the time, the AC works fine, but after a long drive in hot weather, the front AC barely blows out of the vents. The rear works fine, in fact,...
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Measuring A/C refrigerant I got 96 PSI, is 96 PSI bad?

I bought a car refrigerant gauge online because my A/C is not cooling the air at all and the first suggestion was to check your refrigerant to see if it is empty or low. I found out where my car's "...
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toyota corolla 2001 air duct smell [duplicate]

My 2001 Toyota Corolla recently started smelling very foul whenever the air system was turned on. According to the research I've done online, there is no cabin air filter to change. The glove box ...
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Can you use a vacuum pump on a charged A/C System?

I have a vehicle that is not currently running from which I am pulling the engine. To do so, I need to remove the A/C compressor and condensor, but it is currently charged. I have borrowed an A/C ...
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Why may heating gradually stop after some time driving (and doesn't work in passenger side at all)?

This is a somewhat strange problem. Heating (in driver side) seems to work normal - after somewhere between 15-25 mins. driving or so, it gradually stops working. The warming in passenger side doesn't ...
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A/C Air Recirculation

In my 2017 Toyota 4Runner I'm interested in a solution to keep recirculation on by pushing a button even when the defrosters are on. In other words, a wire to override the defrosters so recirculation ...
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HVAC blowing out of defroster and floor

1995 Chevy S-10 Blazer - 4.3 L Vortec V6 (vin W with PCM) - 230,000 miles original owner. I changed my IAC Valve today, and coincidentally, my HVAC started blowing out of the defroster and floor no ...
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Are there any cars where the blower motor is controlled by switched mode power supply?

I have seen many questions here related to blower motor resistors. That sounds like a really old-fashioned kind of technology. This made me wonder whether there are any cars that would use a switched ...
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A/C: Why does the LOW-side pressure *increase* when the compressor runs?

My heater badly needed replacement (leaking a fine mist of coolant inside the cabin), the A/C hadn't held a charge for years, and they're both in the same box that's a pain to get to and you have to ...
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How to clear air vents of leaves and other such debris?

Car is a civic vti 99. It was left under a tree for some 8 months or so. Recently started to use it and smelt bad. Cowel screen and under it was covered in leaves and pollen and the the cabin filter(...
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