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ex Australian Military Scania 4-series, 2002, P140c, 4x4, planetary gear

Back on the ex Australian Military Scania 4-series, 2002, P140c, 4x4, (50k kms) and the front right planetary gear hub oil came out dark and with a bit of a silver tint to it. There is a whir coming ...
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1 answer

Transit Mk7 Rear Hub won't go onto axle

I'm changing my rear brake discs and pads on my 2013 Transit Mk7. It's a FWD, SWB, 100T280. I'm on the first wheel (left side rear), I've gone to put the hub back on with the new disc attached, it won'...
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Cannot get wheel back on hub after replacing lug bolts

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy. I recently changed the front right tire with a spare. I know I tightened the lugs on both wheels. I went shooting up in the mountain there were a lot of pot holes. I didn't ...
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