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Honda CB600S 2001 carb rebuild

I recently bought a 2001 Honda CB600S, with 35000km on it. Unfortunately fuel consumption has been terrible, and I drive roughly 1 liter per 12km. When taking it to a specialist in carburateurs, he ...
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What are these hoses that are sticking out?

Recently I noticed these two hoses sticking out right besides the gear shifter on my 2008 Honda Hornet CB600F. I have never noticed them before, and I don't think they were sticking out like this when ...
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honda hornet 2005 cb600 high gasoline consumption

hi my hornet Consumed abut 1 liter for 10 kilo i have iridium spark plug and k&n air filter and modified exhaust i cleaned carburetor and still have this problem
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Motorcycle headlight only ‘working’ (flickering) with starter motor

Running into an issue with my 2009 Honda Hornet. The headlight does not work when the engine is turned on or off (both normal and high beam). Only when I’m starting the motor I see the headlight ...
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